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Weather forecast: A little sunnier and warmer again on Sunday

On Friday and Saturday it is often cloudy and fresh, on Sunday there should be widespread sunshine. It’s not getting warm yet.

8:35 p.m., March 18, 2021

It stays fresh on Friday and Saturday © (c) dpa / dpaweb (Uwe Zucchi)

Although spring is just around the corner, inconsistent winter weather is forecast for the coming weekend. On Sunday the sun should show up again in large parts of the country, announced the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) on Thursday.

At the Friday the clouds are generally much denser, snow or sleet showers are spreading and becoming more frequent. Most and strongest showers are to be expected on the north side of the Alps and north of the Danube, but the tendency to shower increases also on the Pack and in the southeast. Thunderstorms cannot be excluded in isolated cases. The tendency to shower is lowest in East Tyrol and Carinthia. Especially on Saturday night, it can snow again continuously on the north side of the Alps. The wind remains weak to moderate from west to northeast. The early temperatures fluctuate between minus eight and zero degrees, during the day between plus one and seven degrees.

Of the Saturday starts with a few clouds and snow showers, especially on the north side of the Alps. During the day the showers are clear, in between the sun comes through. The clouds also predominate in the south, but mostly a few snowflakes remain. The wind blows weakly at the beginning, during the day there is moderate to brisk northwest to east wind in the mountains and on the eastern edge of the Alps. The early temperatures are again between minus eight and zero degrees, the maximum daily temperatures between minus one and plus six degrees.

At the Sunday It will then be sunny in most of Austria from the morning. From the north-west, however, extensive cloud fields of a warm front pull through in the course of the morning, and from time to time it can snow a little. The focus of the precipitation lies in the area of ​​the western northern Alps. Further to the east and south, however, the sun shows up longer and it is likely to remain dry until evening. In the night on Monday, some snow showers also hit the eastern lowlands. The wind usually blows weak to moderate, in the Danube region sometimes lively from west to north. The early temperatures are between minus 14 and minus one degree, the afternoon temperatures between zero and plus eight degrees.

The new week brings dense clouds and some snow showers especially on the main Alpine ridge and north of the Alps. In the east and south of the country there are only single showers with an interplay of sunny sections and denser clouds. However, there is lively to strong wind from northwest to north, which significantly exacerbates the feeling of cold. In the morning the temperatures are between minus seven and plus two degrees, during the day a maximum of ten degrees are reached.

At the Tuesday the increasing influence of high pressure announces a calming of the weather. In large parts of Austria, the sunshine predominates. The last snow showers in the northern Alps fade away in the morning, then the sun slowly comes through here as well. The wind blows moderately, in the eastern flatlands and on the mountains brisk to strong from the north. Early temperatures: minus ten to minus one degrees, the maximum daily temperatures are between plus two and eight degrees.

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