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What do professionals think of veggie burgers and meatless meat? The verdict of a nutritionist and dietician

A nutritionist and a dietician go through the compositions of fake meats and veggie burgers. Verdict.

Minced meat with soya or chickpeas and beetroot “blood” to make it more real than real, fake chicken cut into aiguillettes to have the impression of eating meat, meatballs in tomato sauce: vegetarian proposals that look like meat products are increasingly found in supermarkets!

Should we go all-veg? For Dr. Lucia Capone, nutritionist at the Ideal Weight Clinic at CHU St-Pierre, it’s almost a philosophical debate that everyone is free to initiate. But on the other hand, it is necessary, according to her, to integrate into the reflection the potential deficiencies that vegetarianism and veganism can generate if we do not take care of what we eat all year round. “Plant protein is not the same as animal protein.” They do not provide the same nutrients. “The people I see are often deficient in iron and vitamin B12.”

And then there are all the ingredients that we do not take care of that go into the composition of these processed products, as greedy as they are: wheat, “flavors” and additives with learned names. “Home-made takes precedence over everything: we master the preparation”, recalls the nutritionist, even if it takes longer.

And those “vegetable meat” burgers, imitating the texture and taste of meat, are better? Smiling overheard of the two professionals at the mention of the word fast food… Then they decipher

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