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Whatsapp: three indicators to know if you have been blocked

“Sorry, I didn’t mean that …” The message you sent on Whatsapp two hours ago is ticked with a little “validated” sign. But only one. However, on the messaging application, two “validated” signs are necessary to indicate whether a message has been correctly received – with only one, the message has simply been sent correctly -, and these signs must change from gray to blue if the message is read.

Has my interlocutor blocked me ?! Does he just have no network? Did his plane crash? Here are some things to avoid unnecessarily torturing your mind.

First clue, the profile picture

Indeed, for reasons of privacy protection, messaging platforms rarely warn the person who has just been blocked by another user of this operation. So how do you know?

First clue, the profile picture. If you have been blocked, you can no longer see the interlocutor’s profile picture, which is replaced by a generic gray icon. This condition applies of course if the contact in question had defined a profile photo beforehand.

Second sign of a potential blockage, the person’s WhatsApp status is empty: the displayed message is “Hi! I am using WhatsApp”.

Finally, the third determining factor is that you no longer have access to the “Seen today at” or “Online” indications at the top of the conversation with the interlocutor concerned.

What to do ?

If all three of these conditions are true, then you have most likely been blocked. What to do ? Unfortunately not much, apart from trying to contact the person through another channel so that they then agree to unblock you.

Note that even blocked by an interlocutor, it is possible to start a new exchange with him, provided you have his phone number in your directory. However, this one will not receive any notification.

Finally, if the recipient gets magnanimous and decides to unblock you, their profile picture will magically reappear. On the other hand, he will not see the messages sent when you were blocked.

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