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Whatsapp wants to share more data with Facebook, users worry

Users who decline will no longer be able to access their account from February 8.

According to Facebook, changes to Whatsapp’s terms of service and privacy policy allow it to develop a strategy presented in October, aimed at making its messaging an app geared towards corporate customer service.

The group seeks to monetize its platform by allowing advertisers to contact their customers via Whatsapp, or even sell their products directly there, as is already the case in India.

“Updates to privacy policies are common in the industry and we are providing users with all the information necessary to verify the changes that will take effect on February 8,” a spokesperson for the group said in a statement to the company. ‘AFP.

According to the company, the data that can be shared between Whatsapp and Facebook’s application ecosystem (including Instagram and Messenger) includes contacts and profile information, with the exception of message content which remains encrypted.

But the new conditions differ between the European Union and the rest of the world. In the case of the EU and the UK, they will only be used to expand the functionality offered to WhatsApp Business accounts, the company told AFP.

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