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When does it make more sense to invest in a log cabin than a traditional-style home?

When people think of the real estate market, it is often difficult for them to look beyond the traditional brick and mortar homes they often live in. After all, it’s unlikely for many that they’ll ever need to consider anything other than their own home, unless they’re considering buying a vacation home or other property.

However, investors should consider each type of property on the market in an effort to achieve the best possible return on their investment. Here we take a look at why you should consider investing in a log cabin over a traditional home when building your portfolio.

great vacation home

Log cabins offer a rustic feel that is just what many tourists will try to emulate when they go on vacation, especially if they are looking to get away from it all for a while and spend some time in nature. A log cabin offers something completely different than a traditional house and allows them to properly escape from their usual routine for a while, which in turn means that you can get more money if you want to rent the cabin. Of course, it also means that you have a place to escape to yourself, whenever you feel like it.

can pay for itself

We mentioned it in the previous point, but it bears repeating here: a log cabin is a much more desirable type of vacation home for a certain type of vacationer, which means you can charge more for them to stay there. This means you can use the money you get from the cottage to pay off any mortgages or other bills associated with it, often leaving a little to spend as well. This makes it a solid long-term investment and one that will start producing large amounts of cash in much less time than a traditional home.

it’s something different

If you already have a portfolio full of traditional homes, then you know roughly how much you’re likely to earn on each of your investments. However, having a varied portfolio can also have its advantages in terms of giving you a little extra experience in the market, as well as allowing you to offer something a little different to people if you want to rent. You may even find that many of the people you currently rent traditional properties to will be interested in renting your log cabin, simply because they know they can trust you. This means you may already have a built-in customer base waiting.

It is cheaper to buy

In most cases, buying a log cabin will be cheaper up front than buying a traditional home. While you’ll still need to make sure you take care of maintenance issues, ground rent, and any other payments, they’re a good buy for those looking to expand their portfolio but currently have cash flow issues that are slowing them down.

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