“Why didn’t we call the penalty?”: Philippe Clement did not understand the referee during the match against Charleroi

He was elected man of the match, once more. His stats -96 negotiated balls, 3 crosses and 7 recoveries- explain this consecration.

But, when he left the lawn, Clinton Mata didn’t care to have been singled out like this: “We are very bitter, he squeaked. Terribly disappointed. We were come here, like everywhere else, to win. Unfortunately, we played two different halves. The coach had warned us: we did not relax in the second half but we forgot to establish our success. In addition, we conceded an avoidable goal: he was very lonely, the striker carolo! We are sixteen points ahead but we remain ambitious: we want to win everything “.

Philippe Clement provided two assessments, not necessarily different, rather complementary: “We lost two points. However, I was very satisfied with our first thirty minutes. We had totally dominated the exchanges by winning all the duels. But one of Charleroi’s qualities is being a physical team in a good way. Sporting expressed this quality widely on the restart. He, in turn, won all the duels. We put our foot down. Did we lack strength. Were we already, in thoughts, in the shock of Monday in Ghent? “

Then, Philippe Clement reviewed the main phases on TV. “I am surprised that the referee did not sanction the penalty which was imposed the fault on Sobol in the rectangle carolo. However, it was not a Belgian Cup match: the VAR was present. I do not understand not, frankly, that there was no sanction on this obvious fault “.

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