Why do we need strength?
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Why do we need strength?

We can live our lives without stamina, stamina, speed, or flexibility, but without strength we cannot live. Every movement we make depends on muscle strength, when we talk, walk, eat, breathe, stand upright and move in any way. We couldn’t survive without it; most of us have no idea of ​​its importance.

In the past, muscle strength was not given much importance, now we know that it is essential for us to have the best quality of life. Although muscles are something that our modern technology-driven lifestyle no longer requires, our health depends on their strength. With proper exercise, strength training, they become stronger and able to perform daily tasks and activities and learn new functions that make our lives much easier.

Not many people are aware that our muscle tissue serves as the body’s armor and defense against disease and illness. When we strengthen our muscular system, our immune system also strengthens. The fuel source used by the immune system is stored in the muscles, which helps protect against life-threatening diseases or illnesses.

Muscles are also where the body stores proteins that are needed to make antibodies to fight infection and find and destroy cancer cells and rogue viruses. A reserve of protein is kept in the muscles to be used if necessary to fight disease when necessary.

Having strong muscles can greatly reduce a number of health risks. They have been shown to have a positive effect on insulin resistance, metabolism (how fast the body burns fuel), blood pressure, and elevated levels of fats in the blood. These are factors that are linked to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

High levels of body fat are also linked to deadly diseases, and muscle tissue is where fat is burned for energy, so having strong muscles will lower your risk of becoming overweight or obese. Strong muscles will also help you lose weight, since muscle tissue burns up to 15 times more calories per day than fat tissue, even when at rest. With more toned active muscles in our bodies, we burn more calories even just sitting down.

It’s easy to keep your muscles toned with a proper exercise program that’s at least 60% strengthening exercises. No other type of exercise can match it when it comes to producing health benefits. You can count on it to fuel your metabolism, strengthen your bones, joints and heart, as well as trim your waistline.

The benefits of strong muscles for all adults are enormous, in fact, in the hierarchy of health activities, building and maintaining stronger muscles is at the very top. If you want to slow the aging process, strengthening your muscles will do it in many ways, circulating blood, transporting youth, preserving oxygen and nutrients for every tissue and cell in the body.

All adults over the age of 30 lose muscle tissue at a rate of 300-500 grams per year and this rate increases as one ages. It is imperative that you keep your muscles strong to help prevent this loss. Weakened muscles will cause accelerated aging more than any other factor.

If you haven’t cemented a proper exercise program into your life yet, seek the help of a fitness professional to help you get started. They will set up your program and teach you how to make it effective and time efficient.

The consensus is growing: strong muscles are good for all ages and it is now recommended that all adults strength train their major muscle groups twice a week.

It’s time for you to jump on board and reap the many benefits.

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