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Why does my laptop charger smell burnt?

The smell of burning from the adapter is a warning sign. Indicates that it needs to be replaced or monitored from a closer angle. The smell of burning plastic from laptop chargers can be very dangerous and should be examined immediately. When you smell something like that, you need to unplug the laptop’s power supply immediately. If you don’t, you may end up damaging your laptop. Unplug the charger from the AC / DC outlet of a laptop before proceeding.

The smell of burning plastic may be due to the charger itself. Pay particular attention to the plastic insulation of laptop charger cables. If you find bare wires, you’ve found where the sparks occurred and burned the plastic around the wire. If you don’t find anything damaged along the cable’s plastic insulation, look at the tip. If you see melted plastic on the tip of the charger, it is a sure sign that something really went wrong. Such things usually happen when there is a shorted connection between the tip of the charger and the plug of the laptop.

It is very important not to take any of these signs lightly. Ignoring these signs at an early stage can lead to potential risks later. A laptop charger is an extremely important accessory that should work well at all times. Otherwise, you shouldn’t hesitate to shell out some money for your laptop manufacturer to replace it or buy the same model online.

Usually a short circuit occurs when the power from the laptop adapter gets obstructed on its way to the laptop. In other words, electrical power does not flow smoothly from the plug to the laptop’s motherboard. During this time a lot of heat is generated. Overheating can quickly melt the insulation around a laptop charger cable or other plastic components near the tip of the charger. When this problem arises, you should immediately take your laptop adapter to a professional to have it checked.

While a professional can try to repair your laptop chargers for a small fee, you really shouldn’t trust something that has failed you in the past. If something goes wrong with the product again, it can cost you dearly. Safety should always be the number one priority for everyone. It is important not to keep using the same faulty charger one more time simply because it seems to be working fine at the moment.

Such a charger can continue to recharge the battery for a while, but it can cause something really nasty like a fire or other accident after using it continuously for a few hours. Instead of allowing such undesirable events to occur, simply purchase a genuine laptop charger from a reputable online laptop charger vendor.

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