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Why Mom’s Realtors Need a Mentor

When you enter the first year of your real estate business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It starts with the licensing courses. There’s a lot to learn and you usually do it in an unusually short amount of time. And then you have to find a broker to hang your real estate license with. Then comes customer prospecting … you get the idea. A lot is happening when you first enter the business. And it would be nice to have some professional guidance.

You can find career guidance from a mentor, another real estate professional who can not only be a supportive sounding board, but also an authority on how to run your real estate business. A good mentor can be invaluable. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trusted advisor who can answer questions that arise while working on your real estate business and impart wisdom from a perspective that only a fellow agent would have?

Some brokers have official mentoring programs for their new agents. They match the novice with an experienced professional. And that professional has generally volunteered for that mentoring role, so they bring enthusiasm and desire to help you and your business. If your broker does not have an official mentoring program, ask if an agent in the office may be willing to help you and be the main point of contact when you have questions and need guidance.

You can also find a mentor online by frequenting real estate forums and networking with real estate colleagues. Just keep in mind that real estate law and procedure differ in many states, so if your mentor is in a different location, they may be able to assist you with marketing matters, but not with property transaction specific matters. estate.

You may even want more than one mentor. It is good to have different perspectives on the real estate business. You may want a mentor who is also a parent. She worked in the business while juggling family responsibilities, so she will be able to provide you with a first-hand experience through the eyes of a mom’s real estate agent. But you may find that other real estate professionals have their own unique take on prospecting, working with clients, and closing deals. The more experience you can tap into, the better for you and your real estate business!

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