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Why switch to a solid greenhouse roof?

Greenhouses have long been a very popular way of expanding the footprint of homes, especially in countries where planning permission is not required for these small extensions. With large glass windows and plenty of room for furniture, they give us an extra space to enjoy the outdoors, without having to directly deal with the weather.

However, we all know the disadvantages of conservatories. With plastic roofing, conservatories are often scorching hot during the summer and unusably cold during the winter, with poor thermal retention properties.

It is a fact that leads many owners to abandon their dreams of expanding their homes, but there is another way; solid glass ceilings.

But why should you opt for a tile greenhouse roof? Here are some important reasons:

Warmer in winter, cooler in summer – The traditional plastic greenhouse roof offers exceptionally low thermal efficiency, heats up easily in the summer sun, and offers no insulation for cold winter weather. It means that temperatures inside the greenhouse can often be uncomfortable at extremes of temperature.

With a solid roof system, you not only benefit from shade from the sun, but also from built-in insulation. It means you are protected from most of the sun’s heat in the summer and insulated from the cold in the winter, for a warmer greenhouse all year round.

Improved aesthetics – Conservatories often stick out like a sore thumb in the back of our houses. Often made from uPVC plastic, they sometimes lack aesthetic cohesion with the rest of our properties.

By installing a tile roof system, you replicate the design of your original property, with hundreds of tile designs available to match your home.

superior acoustics – Solid ceiling systems have the added benefit of dramatically improving the acoustic profile of your conservatory.

Although double glazing is effective at repelling outside noise, traditional greenhouse roof designs are not. If you ask us, it’s a tremendous waste of double glazing, but with a professionally designed and installed solid greenhouse roof, you can free up the acoustic profile of your double glazing.

Solid roof designs are much more effective at keeping out noise and, combined with the high-quality double glazing that is already installed, means that your conservatory is a quiet and pleasant place to be.

Of course, these are just a few of the benefits that a solid greenhouse roof can bring to your home. So why wait? Switch to a solid conservatory roof and start making the most of your conservatory.

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