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Why your mobile phone discharges faster than usual

For the past few days, the batteries of your phones have been in the red and the messages to remind you that it is time to put your device on the mains have multiplied. Maybe even your charger goes with you everywhere because after two or three calls, your mobile phone switches off. Don’t buy a new phone too quickly because the cold could be the cause of these little energy problems. In relatively recent devices, the batteries are made of lithium and the cold of the last few days disturbs their proper functioning.

Bel RTL asked Benoît Féaux, technician in a smartphone repair center in Brussels, how to avoid this inconvenience. “The advice when going out is to keep your phone close to you, in a purse, backpack or in your pants pocket or in an inside jacket pocket to keep it warm.” It is therefore advisable not to leave your phone in your car, during a race for example. “Batteries don’t like hot and cold extremes, explains Benoît Féaux to our colleagues. So, try to keep it in room temperatures, 15 to 25 degrees. Obviously there are people who are working on other alternatives, but for the moment there is no promise. Nothing is planned in the short term. “

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