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Windows 7 Mouse Freeze: Causes and Solutions

Windows 7 mouse freezing is a well-known and common problem among all Windows 7 users. But it can be due to many reasons, some are due to hardware problems and some are due to software problems.

First of all, check your mouse functions

Try unplugging the mouse from your computer and plugging it back in. If it’s an optical mouse, look for a red light at the bottom. If there is no red light, the mouse is probably broken, or you should try connecting it to another computer to check if your USB / PS2 port is not the problem.

If the problem is not the mouse or the USB / PS2 ports on the computer, then it is probably a software problem. The most common problem that causes Windows 7 mouse to freeze is a bad registry.

Registry errors and invalid entries can cause many things like:

  • Windows 7 freezes all the time (not just the mouse)
  • Slow performance
  • Runtime Errors
  • Startup and shutdown errors
  • Windows update errors and much more …

Another thing that can cause a bad registry is simply stopping Windows 7. This will force you to format your computer and reinstall Windows 7.

To avoid such problems and repair the Windows 7 registry, all you need to do is use a registry cleaner. A registry cleaner will scan your registry for problematic entries and fix any errors it finds. Using a registry cleaner on a daily basis will not only prevent your Windows 7 mouse from freezing, it will speed up your computer, stop PC errors, and keep your computer at its best.

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