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Woman, age and sexuality

If a man can choose between a 30-year-old or a 50-year-old woman, will he always choose a 30-year-old? – The man will choose the one he likes the most.

And yet you will most likely choose the one that is 30 years old, and we will find out why. No, not because she is younger, but because she is more alive, more natural, more energetic. The light comes from her, and most women after 50 don’t have this light, and this is what degrades them. You must remain a whole woman after menopause, and not a grandmother, wife, or retiree.

And at 50, if you want to preserve the quality of your life, that is, be happy with this very life, create, do interesting work, you must preserve the sex in you, your sexual identity and live according to it. Necessary.

Sex and bodily love at an advanced age, there is shame here, as in everything related to sex in our culture, and the indecency to speak about it personally. There will be too much theory and optimism in the responses of the professionals. In people’s responses: transfer the conversation to another topic or just general phrases. An average woman reads in a medical article that it is possible to have sex after 50, but that foreplay should be longer. That men have a desire, and that everything is in the head, that you just have to want. After that, the woman looks at herself, her husband and those closest to her and realizes that here too she was left alone with her problems. And menopause without hormones hits the state of health. Weight increases, muscle elasticity disappears, the body and face fade. How could she now undress in front of a stranger? And there are many young competitors. They are questions of questions, and all very personal, there is no more intimate place. If a woman is married, how can she argue that her husband hasn’t moved for a long time? Or bringing it to a “functional condition” from such efforts requires that the sexual desire disappear without appearing. And in general, they have been living in marriage for 20 years, as brother and sister.

For a married woman who has sex with a stranger, not just saying it, but it’s scary to think about it. After all, reason has long been on the list of female mortal sins. If a woman feels lonely, where to look for a new partner or lover, tender and passionate? In any case, you have to undress, but how? There is the same “old” body, thick, with moles all over the stomach, with wrinkles and gray pubic hair. Fearing the consequences of relationships, a woman does not start looking. And relationships should begin. How to start? Where to find men? And what kind of relationship should it be? What to build relationships on at an age when grandchildren are already growing up? A sexy attraction? Hobbies and interests? Are we joining projects and businesses? We love? Will you be strong enough to love again? The perspective on relationships and sexual preferences depends on age.

People over 50 years old. You are living people and you must understand if there is a problem, if your soul is sick, your body is not the same, you have no desire for sex. You have to break these insecurities and go with the flow!

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