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Your new project: without limits

I bet you have a project on the way that will be meaningful to your company. It could be a new product, a “special sale,” a change in computer systems, a move to a new location, an expansion, the creation of a new department, a downsizing, or anything else that goes beyond “business. usual “. Decisions will have to be made about goals, budgets, asset deployment, etc. How can you get what you need with the least possible outlay of money, time and effort?

Taking on a project you’ve never done before can be a difficult and overwhelming experience full of fears, unknowns, and challenges; however, if it makes business sense, hopefully it will take you and your business to new heights. You want everything to run smoothly, with few complications, minimized chaos, and as little risk as possible. So before you take that first big step, it’s important to plan what you need to do, how to do it, and who you will hire to work with.

Before embarking on a new project, do a three-step “No Limits” mental exercise by creating an environment conducive to creative thinking. Turn off the phones, don’t allow interruptions. Only you and those who work on the project.

Step One – Ask a Question: “If we can have everything needed or desired for this project – all the money, all the people, all the time, all the talent, how can we make this project brilliant, successful, fluid and easy?” “Yes, it is fantasy, but it is a ‘blank sheet of paper’ starting point.

Step Two: Once you know what the fantasy project looks like, list the limitations … the harsh realities of the real world and the market. The limitations can be of time, money, facilities, competence, number of people required, physical or environmental limitations, regulations, owners, suppliers, etc.

Step Three: Compare your fantasy and real-world models to find out where you might have difficulties or challenges that you will need to overcome in order for this project to be successful. Use this comparison to develop alternative methods, work rounds, and concept changes. Redesign strategies and tactics to make real-world evaluation deliver the benefits of the fantasy world without falling short and without making costly mistakes as you move toward a successful project.

This three-step approach allows you to model various scenarios while investing a minimal amount of valuable resources. You may find that you are going in the wrong direction, but chances are, you will discover the best way to achieve your goals.

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