11 of the most interesting activities for your next corporate team outing
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11 of the most interesting activities for your next corporate team outing

Babe Ruth, the famous baseball player said that

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the best group of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”

What he said in the context of baseball can be applied anywhere, especially in corporate settings.

It is very important that organizations pay close attention to the teams that work for them. It can also be said that these teams form the basic foundation of the organizational structure. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations take steps to see that their teams are strong, cooperative, and dynamic. Building a stronger team becomes your goal here. You need to plan the exit of the corporate team that will bring pleasure and interest, at the same time help to achieve the common goal. Check out the 11 coolest team building activities for your next corporate team outing.

Help your teams relax in a calm environment during the corporate team outing

‘Stress’, ‘Pressure’, ‘deadline’, ‘Quality’, ‘Escalation’, ‘errors’…

Sounds familiar? These are the terms that raise blood pressure, conflict, issues, risks and productivity problems in the workplace. Stress induced by routine problems, unless addressed, will add to the problems and the cycle will go on and on.

If you want to take the team to get rid of stress, the best option is to plan your corporate team outing at a resort like place. Plan activities based on yoga and meditation that eliminate stress, ignite a new thought process that results in greater efficiency.

‘Wild’ Kindle resulting in ‘positive aggression’ via Jungle Safari

Positive aggressiveness is critical to surviving and sustaining yourself in any job today. Being proactive is considered important, not only at leadership levels but also at entry and lower levels. Due to global challenges, everyone must be alert, aware of what is happening around them and be proactive.

Have you noticed the wildlife and the nature of the animals that live there? They are always alert, keeping an eye on everything that is going on around them, and most importantly, they are proactive due to a threat that they can face from any direction. A jungle safari will awaken such ‘wildness’ that it will in turn trigger ‘positive aggression’ so your teams become proactive.

Get the kid out there and improve lateral thinking in your team; take them to theme parks

Have you noticed how children, especially when they are happy, react in difficult situations? They propose some innovative solutions through ‘outside the box’ thinking. This is due to the lateral thinking ability that all children have naturally and that is best activated when they are happy. You can make a similar impact on your team by bringing out the child in them.

What better place can offer such an opportunity than in the theme parks? Let your team ride roller coasters and play fun games to shine at work.

Boost your team’s bond as you enjoy adventure water sports.

Water sports can be total fun and enjoyment. How about kayaking or water rafting that brings the excitement to its peak? Also, studies show that as you exercise, your body releases endorphins, the happy hormones, that make you happy. So these outings will add to the satisfaction and be a welcome break from sitting in a chair for long hours staring at laptops.

While your teams enjoy practicing water sports, enjoy watching the bonds they build with each other through your well-planned corporate team outing.

Refresh blood flow and therefore out-of-the-box thinking by exposing your team to nature walks.

Bird sanctuaries and reserves are plentiful in India and provide an opportunity to learn how important it is to save energy sources and our nature. Guided nature walks, if they can be arranged, will change your team’s perspective towards our mother earth. This understanding further broadens the perspective and teams develop more interest in deeper learning.

When the need for deeper learning is triggered, it automatically improves listening and analytical skills. The walk through nature, more than strengthening breathing and physical fitness, does a lot of good for mental health.

How about your teams having a lovely time at overnight campouts?

If you want to embrace your roots, an overnight nature-based camp is the way to go. “Walking in nature is witnessing a thousand miracles,” says Mary Davis, an Irish social entrepreneur. Generally speaking, when do we call something the miracle? When something happens that we thought could not happen, right? Aren’t teams going through similar situations in their work lives too?

Spending a lovely time at overnight campouts triggers the ability to take risks and manage in a team. When the team is ready to take risks and manage well, miracles cannot be stopped.

Celebrate the success of your team toasting in vineyards

Starting the tour looking at the vineyards, bounty of beauty in the form of grapes hanging from the vines, learning about the various stories behind each type, walking through the live production units can be unforgettable, fun and exciting.

It does not stop only in learning the production process, you can also try varieties of wine. You don’t need to think twice if you’re looking for an interesting activity for your corporate team’s next outing.

Get your team off the bricks, relax in the rainforest, the perfect activity for your hard-working team

Sitting and even bathing in rivers and lakes, just exploring nature together with your gear and then ending the day sleeping under a beautiful night sky, no pollution. Doesn’t he feel wonderful alone while he imagines? Rain by default and naturally raises energy levels and freshness.

Now how about a team outing, totally no bricks or engines, lounging in the rainforest to refresh your team on climbs, bug fixes, excel sheets, automation and whatnot? A visit to the rainforest will help restore energy levels at high altitudes.

It’s time for your team ‘sharks and mermaids’ to come out and play in blue lagoons

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, but nothing can resist it”

– Lao Tse.

Water-based team building activities strengthen individual performance and therefore result in improved productivity. How does it happen? Let’s say, for example, an activity done in the water, even a rowing boat experience that is classified as a low-impact water activity, helps develop a focused mind, balancing ability, and the stability that is necessary to achieve stability. When paddling as a couple, you need communication and collaboration between the two of you, so that you can reach the port on time without suffering much.

Any water based activity when done together, promotes teamwork and trust. Playing and relaxing together is a great way to bond, and the Blue Lagoons are the perfect place to do all of the above.

Give work to the legs, activate the brain; Take out your cycling and trekking teams

One of the most effective ways to increase collaboration and cooperation among colleagues is to have an interesting corporate team outing. Have you noticed why strenuous activities such as trekking and cycling bring calm and warmth to our physique? Even after hours of engaging in such activities, in the midst of physical exhaustion, you feel energetic and enthusiastic. When muscles work to the beat, it induces positivity. When you are positive, you ignore the problems and focus only on the solutions or results. Such an approach releases even more happy thoughts and results in satisfaction and achievement.

Imagine such an impact in a team environment. When a team is working with a shared vision, if it is energized through activities like cycling or trekking, there is no end to success and growth.

Get your team’s adrenaline pumping through adventure activities in the sky for your next corporate team outing

Did you know that the adrenaline rush generates an excess of energy for a long time? Plan an adventure-based corporate team outing. You will reap huge benefits when your teams are back to work. The best way to foster risk-taking skills in your team is to treat them to an adventure-based corporate team-building excursion. Paragliding not only gives them an exciting experience, but also gives them inner peace.

You stay behind, let the sky be your boss!

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