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27 meter long route: It got loud: Rover sends audio recording of Mars trip

The researchers are fascinated by 16 minutes of sound recording from a 27-meter-long journey in which “Perseverance” fights its way over the rocks of the Red Planet.

9:17 a.m., March 18, 2021

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Of the Rover “Perseverance” sent an audio recording of a journey across Mars for the first time. It is the first recording of this kind, said the US space agency NASA on Thursday night with. The round 16-minute sound recording be with the about 27 meter long drive of the rover was recorded by a microphone a few days ago.

“When you drive over stones with these bikes, it’s very loud,” said NASA engineer Vandi Verma. This is due, among other things, to the fact that the wheels of “Perseverance” (in German: stamina) are made of metal.

“If I heard these noises in my car, I would stop and call the towing service,” added NASA colleague Dave Gruel. “But when you think about what you’re hearing and where it’s recorded, it makes sense.” Previously, the rover had, among other things, sent sound recordings of its landing and of trying out its laser to Earth.

“Perseverance”, weighs around 1000 kilograms and as big as a small car was touched down on February 18 after 203 days of flight with a risky maneuver in a dry lake on Mars. The rover will examine this lake with a diameter of around 45 kilometers over the next two years.

Photo © (c) AFP

Development and construction of the round 2.5 billion dollars (about 2.2 billion euros) expensive vehicle had lasted eight years. It’s supposed to be on Mars Traces of previous microbial life looking as well explore the planet’s climate and geology.

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