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Can I wear underwire bra everyday?

Can I wear underwire bra everyday?

Underwire bras can be very comfortable if you get the right size and a high-quality brand. They can also help lift and contour the bust, a look popularized by many pop culture images.

However, some women worry that they are bad for their health. They may even believe that they cause breast cancer or other health issues.


There aren’t many undergarments that divide opinion more than Okay Trendy underwire bra. Some women love the support and lift they offer, while others find the wires uncomfortable. It all comes down to the fit.

A well-fitting underwire bra should never dig into the skin or leave red marks. This is why calculating your bra size and shopping for the right model for your body type is essential.

It’s also important to make sure that the underwire sits flat against your ribcage rather than riding up under your breasts or pinching them. If the underwire pokes your ribs, it’s probably because you are wearing a tight-fitting model. Try switching to a different style that fits your body better.

Underwire bras can also improve posture by holding the breast tissue up and away from the chest wall, preventing sagging over time. They also add a defined shape to the bust which isn’t always possible with other styles.

If you’re comfortable with your undergarments and can comfortably wear underwire bras every day, go for it! However, if you find them uncomfortable or don’t feel confident in them, then it’s okay to switch to a wireless or soft cup option. Every woman has unique tastes and a body that’s different from the next, so do what feels best for you.


Women wear underwire bras for many reasons, from the support they provide to the cleavage they can create. However, there are several drawbacks to this type of bra that you should know about.

Some reports claim that underwire bras cause breast cancer by blocking drainage from lymph nodes in the armpit area. This could lead to breast tissue irritation and even blockage of milk ducts, which can cause pain, swelling, flu-like symptoms and a decrease in milk production.

The other major disadvantage of underwire bras is that they can rub and pinch the skin and breast tissues if they don’t fit properly. The wire of an underwire bra can also cause back and neck pain, particularly if you have large breasts, because the weight of your breasts is being supported by your shoulders and back.

Despite the drawbacks, underwire bras are still a popular choice for many women. Whether you prefer underwire or wire-free styles, Clovia has a variety of bras to suit all needs. We recommend experimenting with both types to find the style that suits your body best. You might even want to consider mixing up your bra wardrobe with both underwire and wire-free styles, depending on your mood and the occasion! Just make sure to keep your bra size in mind, as your bra sizes can change with age and wearing habits.


While it may be nice to have a bra that offers support and lift, underwire bras can also be uncomfortable. Especially if you’re wearing one that’s not the right fit or size, the wire can dig into your skin and cause irritation, as well as pain. This can lead to rashes and itching, which can be difficult to manage.

Underwired bras can also increase the risk of sagging breasts, as they stretch the ligaments that support your bust. These ligaments are called Cooper’s ligaments, and they connect your breasts to the chest wall. Over time, they can become less dense and sag due to age, gravity, and other factors. While sagging is inevitable for most women, there are steps you can take to slow the process down. One of these is to limit your time in a wired bra.

Besides these disadvantages, underwire bras can be quite expensive and hard on the shoulders and back. It’s best to choose soft, breathable bras made with gentle and sustainable fabrics like Lenzing modal and organic cotton. This will not only be healthier for your skin, but it’s also better for the planet.

Health Risks

Some women swear off underwire bras because they believe that they can cause health problems. In fact, this is not true, and wearing a wired bra can actually be quite healthy for many women. However, some people may experience discomfort or pain while wearing them due to improper fit. The wire might poke into the skin if it is not properly padded or secured. This could cause abrasions or even lead to breast disfiguration.

Another disadvantage is that a poorly fitted underwire bra can force the neck and back muscles to work harder to support the heavy weight of the breasts. This can lead to a type of headache known as cervicogenic headache. The symptoms of this type of headache include pain that only occurs on one side of the head and is felt near the ear or the front of the forehead.

In addition, a tight underwire can cause breasts to move up and down during exercise. This can be painful and uncomfortable, especially if the bra is made of fabric that rubs or chafes the skin. It can also interfere with breathing and lead to indigestion. Some women have even mistaken chest pains caused by underwire bras for a heart attack. This is because tight undergarments can restrict the flow of chi in the body’s meridians.

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