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Do I Need to Use Porsche-Approved Wheels for My Car?

Use Porsche-Approved Wheels for My Car

The tires of your Porsche are among the most important components for a comfortable and safe ride. When properly inflated, balanced and aligned, they improve the handling and responsiveness of your vehicle while maximizing fuel efficiency. If your tires are not able to do this, your car could start pulling to one side or feel bumpy. That is why it is important to regularly rotate and replace your tires with Porsche-approved wheels and tire combinations.

Porsche uses a variety of wheels and tires designed to deliver the ultimate driving experience. Wheels and tires are tested on the infamous Nürburgring race track and in the laboratory to meet specific requirements such as noise, hydroplaning, high-speed durability and more. By using non-approved wheels, you may void your warranty and negatively impact performance, handling, safety and vehicle comfort. Our Service Advisors are available to help you choose the best wheels and tires for your Porsche.

The N-marking on a tire indicates that it has been developed specifically for your Buy Porsche tire wheels by leading manufacturers such as Michelin and is approved to be mounted on your Porsche. These summer, winter and all-season tires are engineered for stability, typical Porsche dynamics and limitless driving pleasure. The N-marking is also a reminder that only tires with this mark are guaranteed to provide maximum safety and performance when used on your Porsche.

Do I Need to Use Porsche-Approved Wheels for My Car?

We work together with top-brand tire manufacturers to develop high-performance tires that meet the demands of each Porsche model. These N-specific tires are extensively tested on the renowned Nürburgring race track to ensure they offer exceptional handling and precise control even at high speeds. Our engineers carefully analyze the data and only approve the tires that have passed all the necessary tests.

In addition to N Spec tires, our team offers an extensive selection of Kumho, Hankook and Pirelli tires that have been certified for your Porsche. These premium tires are made for everyday use, and they combine aesthetics with dynamic performance. They are perfect for a long commute and they will bring your Porsche’s microscopic racing DNA to your daily adventures.

Our experts at Porsche of Greenville will mount and balance your new tires. The mounting process is relatively simple and straightforward. The balancing process is slightly more complex but still requires the expertise of a trained professional to get it right. The goal of balancing is to evenly distribute the weight of your car so that it remains level on all four wheels. A poorly balancing tire will cause the front of your Porsche to wear out more quickly than the rear and can cause your car to pull to one side or shake at high speeds.

Regardless of the type of tire you choose, it is imperative to maintain proper air pressure, rotation and alignment, as well as regular inspections to avoid damage or premature wear. Our Service Advisors are ready to assist you with your maintenance needs. Contact us today to schedule your next visit.

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