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Eat a starred dish at home … it’s possible with Isabelle Arpin

More fit than ever, Isabelle Arpin offers to taste her cuisine at home through a concept of take-out or delivered to points of sale or to your home.

If there is one personality in the Belgian gastronomic landscape that can be described as sparkling, it is certainly Isabelle Arpin. This devil of a little bit of a woman with shining eyes and a permanent smile, has forged over the years an unparalleled gourmet reputation among the ranks of the lady chefs of our country.

Her very personal cuisine, made with both meticulousness in presentation and generosity in flavors, has won over a clientele as seduced by the taste quality of the chef’s dishes as by her proverbial good humor.

A meal at Isabelle Arpin’s is indeed a real cure for positive waves that delights both the heart and the taste buds.


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