esoteric is anathema of love
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esoteric is anathema of love

Some of us experience our world from the inside out. Rising from the deepest depth to the highest pinnacle. That journey is not easy but it is entertaining, challenging and worth it. People would come into your lives making you realize many things. Some of them may be wrong and some may be right. It is the pure circle of life. Something that was always yours, others will tend to make you realize, but only you have the power to witness it and bring it to light.

That power will last for many years when you are gone. The memories you give people will be elegant, vengeful, sullen, or painful. Whatever form they take, they will be yours and will be etched in their minds forever. They will remind you when they have the last half hour of their bedtime left. Unless you are a soldier of loneliness and prefer to die unnoticed, you will leave an imprint on people’s minds.

Our life is an encounter with the dangers of darkness. We do experience loss and injury, but they should not determine your path from where you want to live. Remember that it is you who chooses and builds your destiny and no one else. People will guide you, love you, appreciate you and support you, but in the end you are the only fighter on the battlefield. So, be happy and feel free with those who love and respect you. Encounters with predators would be dark and evil, but none will have the power to destroy that flame within you.

There is no perfect conclusion about how a person or an animal perceives beauty. We don’t know since the word itself has several definitions. Beauty is not perfect; it has no form or name. Look at our life that is full of small and big things. We have a heart to love and a mind to work. Pain is beautiful, suffering is beautiful, winning is beautiful, and even death is beautiful. Death is definitely intoxicating because it is afraid of the unknown. We have not experienced it in its actual form, so it remains unidentified. It touches our senses in the most mystical way. So treasure anything that gives you true happiness and strengthens the power within you. You will no longer be afraid of losing or winning once you are ready for anything.

People who love from the depths of their spirit will never fear anything. Only a true warrior of love will never be afraid of having and witnessing wrinkles. For them, beauty is a whirlwind of emotion, intellect, insight into life, and the ability to solve intense problems. The ones with a happy heart and feelings would stay catchy and captivating forever.

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