Florentino Pérez, the man who convinced Eden Hazard to avoid an operation

Good or bad news? Only the future will tell us. Currently, Eden Hazard will not step on the pool table for a problem with his right ankle. If the DH announced the information to you yesterday, we learn today, from our colleagues at HLN, that it was Florentino Perez himself who convinced the Hazard clan to avoid the operation.

Since his arrival, the former Chelsea has a string of injuries with Real. According to the staff of the Red Devils, their origin would come from a plaque installed on the ankle of Brainois in 2020. A version that does not stick with the vision of the leaders of Casa Blanca. Two choices were therefore offered to the Brainois: remove the plate to participate in the Euro or wait to play the end of the season by putting his Euro in danger. It is clear that the club has more weight than the national team when it comes to making a choice.

And to convince Eden Hazard, Real took it easy. It is indeed this conversation with the president of Real that would have convinced the Red Devil for good. Little sun in the gray: Lieven Maesschalck will follow Eden during her convalescence. This will allow the Red Devils physiotherapist to fully understand the progress of the Belgian captain in his rehabilitation.

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