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How Much Does 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Cost?

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Cost

A 200 hour yoga teacher training is the foundational level of yoga certification. It is a deep study of the practice and philosophy of yoga that will prepare you to be a confident and knowledgeable yoga instructor. You do not have to aspire to teach yoga to take this training – many people enroll in this program for their own personal development and discovery. However, you should consider how much time you are willing to commit and what your personal goals are before choosing a 200 hour yoga teacher training.

The cost of a 200 hour yoga teacher training will vary depending on what kind of training you are looking for and where you want to train. In-person 200 hour YTTs are generally the most expensive. They can cost up to $10,000 or more when you factor in flights, training costs, food & accommodation, and the time off work.

Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training are a more budget-friendly option. They typically offer a lot of the same things that in-person programs do, but can often be completed in less time. They are a great choice for busy yogis or those who cannot afford to take a lot of time off from their current careers to attend an in-person training.

How Much Does 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Cost?

Most reputable 200 hour yoga teacher trainings will be registered with Yoga Alliance and will adhere to their standards of education. These include 185 contact hours of teaching and training, 15 non-contact hours such as reading and homework, and practice teaching time. Many teacher trainings will go above and beyond the minimum requirement of 200 hours to ensure that you get plenty of hands-on experience in both learning the theory behind yoga as well as having enough time to practice teaching full classes.

Another thing to look for is whether the teacher training you are considering offers a payment plan. This is a good idea if you are not sure that you can afford to pay for the training in one lump sum or if you would prefer to pay over a longer period of time.

One of the best online 200 hour yoga teacher trainings is Siddhi Yoga, which has an excellent reputation for its quality and affordability. It has been accredited by Yoga Alliance and is taught by a diverse faculty, including Dr. Sumit from Rishikesh, India who has a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy and is a YACEP, Shobhit Ghanshyala E-RYT500, YACEP, and Yogacharya Sandeep Pandey – all of whom are highly qualified and have extensive experience in their respective fields.

This training also provides unlimited access to their virtual classroom, so you can continue your studies at any time, regardless of where you are. They have an online chat and email support system to help you with any questions that may arise during your studies, and they also provide FREE one-on-one mentorship. They are currently accepting applications for their winter 8-week and summer intensive courses. This is a great opportunity to learn from some of the most talented teachers in the world.

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