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How Often Should I Schedule Dental Check-Ups?

Dental Check-Ups

Most dentists recommend that patients schedule a dental check-up every six months. These appointments are a vital component of preventative dentistry, and help ensure that your oral health remains in tip-top shape. Regular visits are also the best way to detect and treat dental problems as they develop, so that you don’t have to pay for costly treatment down the road.

The recommended frequency of dental check-ups can vary, depending on your specific situation and overall oral health. However, most dental check-ups will typically include a teeth cleaning and an examination by your dentist. Some will also include X-rays, which help spot issues that aren’t easily visible to the naked eye, such as cavities and gum disease.

During the dental cleaning, a dental hygienist will use special tools to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. These deposits are full of bacteria that can cause tooth decay, bad breath, and gingivitis. They can be hard to get rid of with just a toothbrush and floss. By scheduling a professional teeth cleaning in SE Calgary during your dental calgary, you can remove these deposits before they lead to major problems down the road.

How Often Should I Schedule Dental Check-Ups?

If you have a long-term condition, such as periodontitis or an autoimmune disorder, you will likely need to visit your dentist more frequently than people with healthy mouths. Missing routine dental visits can push your treatment back or even cause it to fail. You can avoid these risks by sticking to your routine dental checkups and visiting your dentist in SE Calgary at least once every six months.

Dentists are highly skilled professionals that can offer a variety of preventative and restorative treatments to keep your smile in the best possible condition. They can diagnose and treat gum diseases, tooth cavities, tooth loss, and many other oral health issues. Moreover, they can also provide cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and veneers to improve your appearance.

Dental care has evolved significantly over the past few decades, shifting from treating problems as they arise to preventing them from developing in the first place. While dental insurance has made these preventative services more affordable for most, not everyone can afford expensive out-of-pocket dental costs. That’s why the Alberta Dental Fee Guide was implemented in 2018 to make these services more affordable for the majority of the population.

While a dental exam isn’t the most pleasant thing to think about, it’s essential for maintaining good oral health. Dental exams can reveal early signs of oral cancer, identify cavities, and determine the best dental hygiene regimen for your unique needs.

The dental exam is the most important part of your dental check-up. During this portion of the appointment, your dentist will take a visual look at your mouth and may request X-rays to see the status of your bones and the roots of your teeth. They will also evaluate your bite, and look for any abnormalities such as loose or cracked teeth.

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