How to get the most out of your Arc Trainer
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How to get the most out of your Arc Trainer

The arch trainer will suspend your legs on pedals that won’t scrape against a lower platform. In other words, you will be running on air. Exercising on this exercise machine will definitely increase your stamina and power for running, jogging, and jumping, but without stressing your joints. Although pedaling at a steady pace is a great way to use the machine, know that you can mix up your workouts to get the most out of this machine.

Different workouts you can try

It consists of rhythm – This machine has 2 power modes: adaptive and constant power. When using constant power, you must first set a power before exercising. The machine will then automatically adjust the resistance to keep your power constant throughout your workout. Compared to other machines where you just pedal as fast as you can and slow down as you get fatigued, the constant power that this machine puts out will work to maintain a constant power output so you don’t experience the natural drop in power when get tired.

Use Resistance – Regarding its adaptive power, you will have to choose a level from 1 to 20. It becomes more difficult to pedal as the level increases. And this can result in a more intense workout. If you increase your resistance, you should not slow down. Rather, keep walking at a steady pace so that as you increase the resistance, you produce more power with each step. For most people, they can stick to 1-5 stamina points. But this will largely depend on your fitness level. Please note that these levels are considered more appropriate for very short intervals, typically 6-15 seconds. Short intervals can be combined in power training with movements like box jumps.

interval training – This is a training method that will alternate high intensity bouts with short rest periods. You can use this strategy for any cardio equipment. Both power modes can be used for interval training. Consider doing such a workout three times a week.

Programs offered

Overall Fitness – This is considered the best program for people just starting out with cardio. Easily build your endurance and strengthen your lower leg muscles in several short workouts each week.

Heart rate recovery – This is a program that lasts 8 weeks. It is meant to increase your recovery time. Combine anaerobic and aerobic exercises.

There are other programs offered by the arch coach. These will include circuit training, off-day cross training, and maximal strength.

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