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Kim gave Biden the cold shoulder so far

Efforts by the new US administration to contact the North Korean leadership led by ruler Kim Jong-un have so far been unsuccessful. The goal is to rely on diplomacy and to reduce the “risk of escalation”, said the spokeswoman for US President Joe Biden, Jen Psaki, on Monday in the White House. So far, however, the government has not received an answer from Pyongyang.


North Korean dictator keeps distance from Trump’s successor

The US coordinated closely on the issue with its allies Japan and South Korea and also spoke with representatives of previous governments, she said. “Our aim is to reduce the risk of escalation, but so far we have received no response,” said Psaki. She added that there had been no “active dialogue” with North Korea for “a good year” despite “multiple” contact efforts.

Former US President Donald Trump initiated talks with Kim Jong-un about North Korea’s nuclear program and also met him personally. Little progress has been made on the matter. United Nations experts reported in February that North Korea was pushing ahead with its nuclear program and ballistic missile development despite international sanctions.

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