Message from the Universe: When you HELP others, you HELP yourself!
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Message from the Universe: When you HELP others, you HELP yourself!

“There is no greater weapon than kindness.

A smile, a compliment, encouragement, and compassion are part of every Space-Time Adventurer’s arsenal.

Today, that you crush, kill and destroy the fears that you find, in others and in yourself.

Yes, please. Thank you –

The universe”

Everyone you will meet in your life is dealing with their daily struggles. You must be kind to everyone, even those who have wronged you. Easier said than done. TRUE? I agree with you on that. Guilt is something that can destroy someone who has wronged others, and karma will take care of the rest. If someone doesn’t feel remorse or care about anyone but themselves, life will come back to them and take care of things that you personally can’t. For everything else in life, your smile and kindness will count. When you help others, you are helping yourself. There is always a better way to do things you weren’t aware of when you find solutions that can help someone in trouble. Only good things come from helping others when necessary. Be that person who is willing to take that step forward to make a positive change in this world.

Let’s take the example of the partially blind autistic boy who was beaten up by a bully and another boy intervenes by hitting and knocking the bully down. He intervened while others by standards did not squat. The high school district kicked them both out of school, the bully and the autistic boy advocate, but the latter was able to get 35,000 signatures to get him back in school for the right reasons. All schools should have a ZERO tolerance for bullying, but should apply the law of the Good Samaritan when it comes to protecting those who cannot defend themselves. Don’t be the standard and let someone be the victim of a crime. You want to make sure you protect yourself, obviously, but if too many get together and attack the assailant, he’ll run instead of facing the normal 10 ready to bring justice to the victim. If only one intervenes, the criminal could stand his ground. Take action and always be willing to help others, because in the end, the person you are really helping is yourself.

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