MLM Training Tips: 10 Ways To Recycle Your Items In Your Article Marketing
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MLM Training Tips: 10 Ways To Recycle Your Items In Your Article Marketing

Article marketing should be part of your training and MLM business. It’s a cheap way to promote yourself. But we don’t want to create content and just have it in one location. You spend time and effort researching and writing your articles. Post it and recycle it in as many places as you can. Here are 10 places where you can recycle your item.

  1. Article Directory: This one is a no-brainer. You wrote the article for article directories, so make sure you submit it to the top ten directories.
  2. Blog: Always publish your article on your blog. This is step 2 of my article marketing steps that I do every day.
  3. Guest Blog Post: Use as a guest blog post on someone else’s blog. Yes, other bloggers accept posts from other people. Why would they do this? Well, it’s one less post they have to write and they deliver good content to their readers. It is a great way to promote your blog and generate backlinks and traffic. Of course you want to submit a well written and topical post. Check out this link to learn the basics of guest blogging.
  4. Featured Article in your Ezine: An Ezine is a newsletter or magazine that you can create and view on a computer by downloading the file or viewing it on the Internet. The theme can be whatever you want it to be. It can be one page or multiple pages. Your article could be the featured article in it. You can also have featured guest posts like the guest blog post.
  5. Special Report: Create a special report that expands on the idea of ​​the article. Articles are usually between 500 and 700 words. That’s enough to get the basic point across to your readers. But there are times when you can dig deeper. You can use this report as a thank you for signing up for your list or selling it.
  6. E-Course: The article may have some interesting aspects that can be expanded into an e-course. Expanding the article can allow for lessons and talking points to enhance the main topic of the article. An article on writing can highlight the main points, but an eCourse could expand and discuss in depth and provide lessons on the articles. Consider it the next level of a special report.
  7. E-book: If you don’t want to create the e-course, you can create an e-book. An eBook is longer than a special report and is not divided into lessons like an eCourse. This gives you the opportunity to thoroughly examine and discuss all aspects of the topic.
  8. White Paper: A white paper is more of an authoritative approach to the topic. A white paper usually states a specific argument or position. It can also indicate solutions to a problem. It is very common with technological products that come to the market. It can be a fantastic marketing tool that can help your reader when they are making a decision.
  9. Audio Class Script – You can read the article as a recording and offer it as a bonus for another product you are offering or for someone to subscribe to your list.
  10. Teleseminar Script: Just like reading it for a recording, you can also use the article as the basis for a Teleseminar. Similar to a Special Report, you only have the discussion and teaching over the phone. Worried about promoting it and no one shows up on the phone line, I was there and did it. Please continue with the Teleseminar and record for future use.

If you’re using article marketing as part of your MLM business, which you should be, then you want to use it in as many places as you can. This article represents a considerable amount of time researching and writing; you want to use your time effectively. Include these 10 ideas for recycling your items in your article marketing MLM training to put your time to good use.

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