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New labeling to see more clearly in sustainable products

There was the Nutriscore from supermarkets, which is sometimes difficult to understand but which generally guides consumers towards products that are good for health and form. There is now the Färmoscope, which is a comprehensive sustainability indicator. But to benefit from his information which wants to be transparent, it is in the Färm stores that it will be necessary to go.

Through this new labeling, the Belgian cooperative intends to promote even more clearly the values ​​and behaviors that underpin its project from the start: local production, organic, ethics, transparency, and ultimately the sustainability of products.

Clearly, this project makes it possible to know in six boxes on a label the societal impact of each of the products sold. What to encourage consumers in their food transition.

The societal stake behind the Färmoscope is to allow consumers to fully reclaim the value of products. Not only through the usual notion of price but also and above all in terms of positive impacts on the world. Consumers can therefore make conscious choices and actively contribute to the world of tomorrow.“, explains Alexis Descampe, co-founder of the cooperative.

On the label, the customer will first see the färmoscore (11 being the maximum score) but also the origin of production and processing and the various labels that the products in question can boast. Information included on the receipt, in order to better study them quietly at home. 11 criteria are taken into account in this färmoscore: products from organic farming or in transition unlisted brands, Belgian production and processing companies, clear origin of ingredients, additional label, raw and less energy-consuming products, products in bulk, … Numerous criteria some of which seem redundant but which “reflect reality: sustainable consumption means looking for relevant information, taking all the issues into account, paying attention to nuances. It’s a long-term job, thanks to which we continue to learn every day“, according to Färm.

To support this novelty in the display and sustainability of products, the brand will develop a loyalty system to further reward purchases with a high sustainability score, and organize interactive challenges.

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