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Non-essential trips prohibited: “Modify the reservation or get a refund”, reacts Eva De Bleeker

The Secretary of State for Consumer Protection, Eva De Bleeker, is advising consumers who had booked a trip to change their travel reservation or request a refund.

Consumers have several options, according to the statement from the Secretary of State. In particular, they may postpone their trip to a later date, when it is possible to travel in complete safety. In many cases, the travel agency spontaneously offers to do this. If the rebooked trip cannot take place either, the consumer will also be able to request a refund or accept a coupon at this time, adds Ms. De Bleeker.

Customers whose vacations have been canceled can, by law, request a refund. The tour operator is then required to refund the money within 15 days of canceling a package tour.

The tour operator can also offer a coupon. Travelers have the choice to accept it, but are not obliged to do so, recalls the Secretary of State. The coupons that are being offered now differ from the corona vouchers that were issued between March 20 and June 19. Coupons that are currently issued are not always covered by the tour operator’s insurance. It depends on the conditions on the coupon. This means that in the event of the insolvency of the tour operator (eg bankruptcy), the traveler will not be able to recover the value of the coupon.

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