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Philadelphia Flyers – Setting records is just beautiful!

In a recent game, The Flyers showed the NBC television audience, as well as many fans across the country, what the rest of the NHL has experienced throughout the entire season and that is that this team is extremely dangerous when is understaffed, who would have thought?

Team captain Mike Richards just set a modern-day NHL record by becoming the first player to score his third short-handed three-on-five goal of his entire career, clinching the Flyers’ 5-fold victory. -2 over the decaying New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden. This was definitely a meaningful game for Richards and the Flyers, who have added one more achievement to their already impressive record.

After Kimmo Timonen blocked a difficult shot, Braydon Coburn split two defenders with a crafty but extremely effective pass to Richards, who at the end scored on a two-man breakaway at 78 seconds into the second period to give the Flyers a 2-0 lead. Right off the bat!

Impressed by the accomplishments, Coach John Stevens expressed that based on his evaluation and judgment, Braydon Coburn made a great play, one of those to talk about and remember! He also said that being involved in such games, his first instinct is to “just freeze the puck” because he obviously has two men down and the team is at a disadvantage; But he had enough mental clarity and ambition to lift his head, think optimistically and make a golden pass to Richie, and that’s how things got better.

According to Stevens, the event was huge, especially on the road because the fans are hopping on the Rangers due to the fact that they are not scoring and, most importantly, because they give up a two-man goal less and obviously with few players! – This turn of events makes the Rangers feel more tired and gave the Flyers a huge boost.

For Richards, this was the seventeenth personal foul goal of his career, his other two equally notable achievements (two three-on-five goals) being scored in 2007 and 2005 in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. But Richards, who will turn 24 by the way on Wednesday, quickly played down the dark record. According to a statement made by him, he said that he thought it was quite good (referring to this achievement) and that such an achievement was something that he did not know or was trying.

As fans and the press said, Richards bluffed, but within seconds he managed enough to deflect it from goalkeeper Henrik Lundgvist’s elbow and into the net. – This was truly an incredible game for the Flyers and for the fans who enjoyed a comeback that is not normally seen in these types of games considering the circumstances.

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