Refined Yeast Powder Found in Candida Probiotics Ingredients
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Refined Yeast Powder Found in Candida Probiotics Ingredients

Someone asked me if I could explain the refined yeast powder part of the candida probiotic ingredients. I have used the Threelac that contains it and it works fine, but I couldn’t get a real answer from the company when they asked me for supporting information on the Japanese product, sales figures, etc. They would not give any answer except sales. All I was told is that the Japanese firm was private and did not have to comply with the request.

From personal experience, it helps prevent big breakouts if I eat something bad or drink a little wine. If the yeast is nutritional, it does not feed the Candida. Nutritional yeast differs from baking yeast and, in many cases, from brewer’s yeast because it is high in B vitamins, especially B12, but does not contain live yeast or any candida yeast components. Some, like Red Mill, certify theirs to be free of any candida.

I researched the individual candida ingredients and found some solid information, so I bought it and gave it a try. As for the yeast, I said flavor because I didn’t hear back from the company, but I knew some nutritional yeasts were fine to use with the condition.

I haven’t found it to be a cure, maybe a treatment. The only way I found people to write about healing was by using “zappers,” another with over 200 billion probiotics daily for an extreme amount of time on the diet, and Karen Tripp (SF722, diet, supplements). Those are the only extensive ones I can find with cures.

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