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Ringo Starr’s Zoom party

Zoom in, to get a new perspective. Zoom out, to see we’re all connected, ‘Ringo Starr sings on his lockdown EP. He counteracts the lack of contact with feel-good vibes.

Just before he awarded the Grammy for ‘Record of the Year’ to Billie Eilish at the beginning of this week, Ringo Starr patted all nominees on the back. “If you make music in our world today, you have won anyway.” The guest appearance in front of an audience of millions was a boost even for an 80-year-old ex-Beatle, just before the release of ‘Zoom In’. He recorded that EP between April and October 2020 in his home studio in Los Angeles.

The corona crisis led to two canceled tours for his All-Starr Band. In an interview with the American magazine Rolling Stone, he recently emphasized that the job of musicians is to bring people together. ‘That’s why I love to play live. I want to feel and give back (the audience’s) love – it’s spiritual. ‘

If you make music today, you have won anyway.

The interaction with other musicians has always been crucial for the drummer, especially now. You can see it in his new photo book ‘Ringo Rocks: 30 Years of the All Starrs 1989-2019’ and you can hear it on ‘Zoom In’. Before that, he worked with various songwriters and producers – he co-wrote one of the five new tracks himself. “Making music on my own has never been my thing,” he said.

Here’s to the nights we won’t remember with the friends we won’t forget ‘, the singing drummer is already looking back on the current strange times. The opening track with hopeful lyrics by Diane Warren sounds warm, with a star choir in the background. Dave Grohl and Ben Harper came to sing their backing vocals at Ringo’s house. A dozen others, including Paul McCartney, glanced at them from a distance.

‘We’re all in this together’, the pep talk continues to the blues rhythm of ‘Zoom In Zoom Out’, this time with Doors guitarist Robby Krieger in the lead. The sixties are never far away, not even in the brighter ‘Teach Me To Tango’, in which we are told not to lose our sense of humor. The reggae-tinted ‘Waiting For The Tide To Turn’ and ‘Not Enough Love In The World’ round off the party and the EP.

Starr recently outlined himself as a fan (and former collector) of the mini LP. ‘I didn’t want to make a full album. I feel that I am done with that. Maybe I’ll release a new EP in the fall. Now that everyone is streaming, you no longer need albums. ‘

‘Zoom In’ will be released today via Universal

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