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Sports Betting For Winners: 3 Winning Methods That Can Improve Your Sports Betting Profits

There is no doubt that at one time or another you have bet on your favorite basketball, hockey or football team, or on the favorite in a horse race, or any other sporting event, but how do you know for sure who is going to win? win If you can predict the winner, with a high degree of accuracy, you can win money; It’s that easy.

Let’s face it, the reason you’re doing this is that you want to end up with more money than when you started. You think you can predict winners more accurately than bookies, but how often are you right?

Well, the 3 sports betting strategies below could give you an edge the next time you place a bet on your chosen sport. These 3 options, used correctly, can make the difference between you walking away with a profit and it being just another wasted bet helping finance the bookies next overseas vacation.

asian handicap

This is a little used, but very useful addition to your sports betting techniques. There are generally 3 possible outcomes in a sporting event for any player or team; win, lose or tie. Using an Asian handicap it is possible to reduce the number of outcomes to just 2.

Suppose we are watching a soccer game. The bookmaker may quote a handicap line where team A starts the game with an early 1.5 goal lead and team B starts with a -1.5 goal handicap. Now, as we cannot get 0.5 goals, there can only be 2 results and the odds are set taking into account the handicap.

If you think team A will win, and as long as they win, draw or at least don’t lose by more than one goal, you win because they had an initial 1.5 goal lead. Likewise, if you think team B will win, you need to overcome your -1.5 goal handicap. So they need to win by 2 goals or more.

In sports where the handicap can be matched, for example in basketball, where a team can be given a 20-point start, bets are generally returned if there is a tie. However, it is best to check with your local bookmaker. In this case you may not win, but you may not lose either.


Means to buy and sell for profit, taking advantage of price variations in different markets. This is the holy grail of sports betting, as you can literally find yourself in the situation that whoever wins a match, you will still benefit from the outcome.

In practice, this used to be very difficult to do, as it meant following a wide range of market prices at the same time. However, with the advent of the Internet this is now much easier. As bookmakers often have very different opinions on the outcome of a sporting event and also advertise their prices on their websites, we can quickly compare these prices.

If we can find a situation where bookmaker A has a better price for one team/player and bookmaker B has a better price for their opponent, we can back both teams with the respective bookmakers and make money. whatever the result.

bet on the go

As any sporting match or event begins to unfold, the odds quoted at the start of the event may seem out of line with what you are witnessing on the field of play. I wish you could place a bet knowing how the match is going. Well, with “bet running” that’s exactly what you can do.

Many bookmakers will change the event odds as the action unfolds and you can place a bet at these ‘new’ odds. If team A scores, the odds of that team winning will be reduced, and subsequently the odds of team B winning will be increased. If you still believe that Team B will eventually succeed, then these higher odds are your chance to place a bet at better odds (for you). Generally, the bookmaker’s own website will tell you which events are offered as ‘running’.

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