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Sports Toto – What Are the Different Types of Sports Toto Games Available?

Types of Sports Toto Games

Sports Toto is a lottery game operated in Malaysia. It offers several different lottery betting games that are popular among players. Players can purchase Toto tickets at Sports Toto outlets throughout the country. The company has 680 outlets and eight different types of games. These include the 4D Toto jackpot, 4D Zodiac, 5D Toto, Power Toto and Supreme 6/58 Toto. The games have various gameplay variations, including i-Perm, which offers more chances to win with lower bet amounts.


In addition to the standard 4D game, Sports Toto offers a number of other 1-X-2 games. These include i-Perm, which allows you to place bets with smaller bet amounts. You can also make a system bet on multiple numbers in the same ticket. This can be a great way to increase your chances of winning.

The 1-X-2 games are popular among Koreans who want to become overnight millionaires. However, the odds are long, so you should play responsibly. It’s best to play this game only if you can afford it. In addition, the prize money tends to fluctuate due to the low probability of hitting Toto. This can be frustrating for some players, especially if they aren’t able to win the jackpot. This is why it’s important to research the odds before placing your bets.

Sports Toto – What Are the Different Types of Sports Toto Games Available?

In this game, players select a number of matches. Each prediction has its own odds, and each set of predictions pays out a different amount. The profits go to the Singapore Totaliser Board, which then uses them for charity and other good causes. Toto betting websites offer a variety of games, including system entries, where you can make multiple predictions on a single ticket. A ‘Single’ is one prediction, a ‘Double’ is two, and a ‘Triple’ is three.

Sports Toto is the largest number forecasting operator in Malaysia and has an extensive network of outlets. Its mascot is a parakeet and its corporate motto is “Go For It”. This is evident in the company’s logo and signage. Moreover, its renowned ‘Toto bird’ is the face of the Sports Toto brand. Like the Littlewood pools, Sports Toto brings pool betting into the digital age. Users can make predictions on the outcome of matches, and win enormous sums if they get them right. However, the chances of getting every prediction right are very long.

Sports Toto also offers Select and Goal games. Select involves picking matches that are likely to end in a draw, while Goal requires choosing soccer games with the highest number of goals scored. These games are more challenging to play and can generate higher profit margins than the 1-X-2 game. Moreover, they also tend to fluctuate more than other types of Sports Toto games. This is due to the lower probability of striking and the low accumulated jackpot amount. Moreover, the profits may also be affected by changes in government taxation.

In addition to the standard 4D, 5-Digit and 6-Digit betting games, Sports Toto also offers lottery games. These include the popular Toto 6/42 Jackpot and Toto 6/49 Mega Jackpot. They can be played at the company’s outlets and you can win if your numbers match those drawn on that day.

Another interesting feature of Goal is that it allows players to make system bets. These are bets where a certain number of multiple predictions must be made. For example, a 10-2-1 bet requires 10 Singles, 2 Doubles and 1 Triple. This type of wagering can result in a surprisingly large payout. However, it is important to note that the game is not without risk. Therefore, it is recommended to bet within your means. This will help you avoid getting into debt.

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