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Test Achats files a complaint against TikTok

On Tuesday, Test Achats joined with sixteen other consumer associations to file a complaint with the European Commission against the Chinese social network TikTok. AT In addition to this complaint, Test Achats also alerted the Economic Inspectorate. The consumer organization wants the platform to become a secure environment that respects the rights of consumers, especially the youngests , explains Test Achats.

It was by analyzing the general conditions of this social network, which is very popular with young people, that Test Achats and other organizations discovered major problems, particularly in terms of image rights. UOne of the features of TikTok is that users can purchase coins that they use as virtual gifts for celebrities they like. This virtual items policy contains unfair terms and deceptive practices. Second, TikTok does not sufficiently protect children and teens from hidden advertising. Users are enticed by influencers to participate in branded hashtag contests where they are encouraged to create specific content. Finally, TikTok’s personal data processing practices are misleadings.

And Test Purchases to hope for changes. “A better TikTok, respectful of the rights of its users, is possible, and this is what we want”, concludes Julie Frère, spokesperson for Test Achats.

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