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What Is a Graduate Admissions Consultant?

Graduate Admissions Consultant

A graduate admissions consultant is someone who guides students through the graduate school application process, including selecting appropriate programs and schools for them, helping them develop applications and supplemental materials like resumes and letters of recommendation, and practicing interview skills with them. They also help with financial aid applications and other aspects of the admissions process. They may work for a college, university, or private consulting firm.

Some consultants are full-time admissions counselors, but others work part-time, balancing the job with other commitments, such as raising a family or running a business. Often, the work can be done remotely.

An graduate admissions consultant is a person who helps business school applicants unlock their potential by guiding them through application strategies, reviewing and critiquing applications, including resumes and essays, and offering advice on letters of recommendation. They are also often available to coach candidates on interview preparation, especially for programs that are very competitive.

What Is a Graduate Admissions Consultant?

Unlike undergraduate admissions counselors, grad admissions consultants tend to specialize in a specific field of study, and some are even alumni of the program they represent. This expertise gives them a unique insight into the admissions process and can give their clients an edge in competing with other applicants from the same field.

Many grad admissions consultants also work with other types of students, not just those applying to graduate school. They may assist with undergrad applications, and they may also offer counseling services for international students or domestic students who are transferring to another university or country. This type of student counseling can be very valuable, and it is one reason why some grad admissions consultants are considered almost godlike in their communities of applicants.

While some grad admissions consultants are well-established, others are newer to the industry, and they are looking to build their brand and client base. In this case, it is important to find a consultant with a good reputation for providing exceptional services and results. A good way to do this is by reading reviews of consultants on the Poets&Quants website.

Another benefit of hiring a grad admissions consultant is that they can provide guidance from the beginning of the application process all the way to accepting an admissions offer and beyond. For example, a consultant can help an applicant determine the best track for their career and provide guidance on how to answer difficult questions at interviews. They can also teach interviewees proper professional etiquette, which will benefit them throughout their lives and in the workplace. In addition, a grad admissions consultant can help a student prepare for the financial side of the process, including understanding how to negotiate their tuition and other fees. This can be extremely helpful to those who are worried about the financial implications of a graduate degree. Some consultants also offer workshops and seminars on the financial side of grad school. This can be particularly helpful for international students who are not accustomed to the US financial system.

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