Why not reinvent the wheel?
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Why not reinvent the wheel?

“Why go and reinvent the wheel?” It is a question that has been around for centuries; good? Here’s a better question: Why not reinvent the wheel?
As a Peak Performance Trainer, I do a lot of personal development training for adults and children alike. I love children! They don’t think like us adults. Children are so incredibly and contagiously optimistic. And they are absolute Masters at embracing “what could be”.

I recently asked a group of elementary school students this thought-provoking question: “Why should we reinvent the wheel?” My goal was to challenge their beliefs and encourage them to think, outside of their thinking. Take a look at some of the amazing reasons they came up with to address why they would reinvent wheels…on their bikes.

-They only come in one color

-Do not bounce

-You can’t see inside

They need some style.

-they are not steel

-Too many flat tires

-They are bored

-They slow down when they are on the grass

-Do not glow in the dark

Pretty remarkable responses; I’m sure you agree.

But, the students did not stop there. They connected to the computer and began to inform the manufacturers of their demands. All the children gained an incredible sense of empowerment. One of the students enthusiastically suggested that the group “think of even more things that could be reinvented.”

By nature, children are visionaries. Unlike their adult counterparts, they constantly tap into the “research and development” department within themselves. As such, they are always taking something apart, asking countless questions, and looking to do something different. Children are not only intrinsically free; but they give themselves permission to pursue… whatever they want.

The point is, when I hinted (with my question) that the wheel needs to be reinvented, none of the students put off their chance to share with me the reasons why. Each took what has been recognized as the norm, for decades, and identified the concepts necessary for total transformation. Then, after crystallizing their incredible vision, they took immediate action in their quest to bring it to fruition.

What could you reinvent? Your bank account balance? The number of your scale? Your thoughts? Your marriage?

What about your life?

Does it only come in one color? Can you see inside? Do you need some style? Could you use more bounce?

Once you start to visualize what could be, life will become so much more fascinating. In fact, you will begin to take the steps that will take you in the direction of your optimal self.

Challenge what is!

This inspiring group of student scholars empowered themselves as they dynamically challenged “that which is.” My hope is that you use this magnificent blueprint to build new meaning (and maybe even a new wheel) in your own life.

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