Your Internet Marketing Plan: Blog, Blog is NOT blah blah
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Your Internet Marketing Plan: Blog, Blog is NOT blah blah

As we continue on our path of building an internet marketing plan, one option for building a website would be to start a BLOG. Blog stands for web log, which is a continuous chain of posts that you make about whatever you want to talk about.

It can be reviews, information about your particular niche, or just what you think about the world in question. Many people start blogging because they get excited about an idea or topic and just want to share their thoughts with the world. Maybe you’ve seen how many people are blogging these days and you just want to join in on the fun. Or maybe you just have a lot to say.

You can blog just for fun, but the purpose of this article is to make you realize that blogging the right way can put money in your pocket. I hope that’s what your marketing plan is about.

When you get started, you may feel like blogging is easy… just publish a new post in an hour or two, link to it, and call it finally. But if you want to monetize your blog, which means you want to make money from it, it will take a lot more effort than that. (Uh oh, there’s that word “effort” again) Don’t think of monetizing as a bad thing.

There is nothing wrong with getting paid for your efforts. If you are sharing valuable information about a particular niche, you could possibly get some sponsors to run ads on your blog. Although there are some easier ways. You will need to take the time to put these ideas into action, but once you do, they should continue to run on autopilot for you.

One program to consider is the use of AdSense, which runs on my Google. You will find AdSense ads all over the web. You will recognize them by their trademark “Ads by Google”

You probably know what they look like, but you may not know how they work. Unfortunately, explaining it all will take another article or book. At this point, just familiarize yourself with this form of monetization.

Another smart way to make money from your blog is to advertise other people’s products on your blog. By becoming an affiliate marketer, you can blog about the product and place different ads for different products right on your page. By setting up the page correctly, you can sell the product directly from your blog and then you can collect the commissions.

There are two main components to blogging that you need to master in order for it to be successful for you. Always remember: content is king…and be consistent.

If you want people to read your blog, it must have quality content. Would you read it if you hadn’t written it? If not, why someone else? Write well, with good information, and people will come back for more.

You have to constantly add to your blog if you want people to come back for more. This is the key to making your blog profitable. If content is king, then traffic is at least the queen. You need traffic coming to your blog. Part of your internet marketing plan should address how you are going to accomplish this.

Once you’ve established your plan, get to work on it. Put in the time and effort, then you can reap the rewards you deserve.

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